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Women in Bow Ties Are Great, Here's Why!

Women in Bow Ties Are Great, Here's Why!

Here's Why You and Your Girls Should Be Wearing Bow Ties Also!

Ladies, there's one accessory I don't see many of you wear often. You guessed it, I'm talking about the bow tie. Well we're here to tell you just why women should wear bow ties!

Women can definitely pull off the bow tie! Seriously, have you seen a woman in a bow tie? They look great!

Bow ties give a look of fierceness to women. Be honest, who doesn't want to look powerful? We know you're fierce ladies.

Bow ties don't have a gender. Men are typically known to wear bwo ties but who says women can't join the party?

Switch the style up! Try a new look by throwing a bow tie on your favorite collared outfit. Trust me, it'll be a nice way to change up your style game.

Bow ties are for all people. Contrary to popular belief, there are no requirements to wear a bow tie. Styles of all kind & genders can pull off the bow tie.

It's stylish as hell! Talk about a fashion statement, when ladies rock the bow tie, it can't go wrong.

So ladies don't be afraid to try something new. Rock that bow tie with pride! #BeYourOwnBrand

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