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How To Survive Casual Fridays without Losing Your Mind!

How To Survive Casual Fridays without Losing Your Mind!

How to Dress Up on Dress Down Day

Clothes are important to you. It's your way of telling the world who you are!

But, ever tried picking out your outfit for Casual Friday?  We know.  It's difficult. 

College Alma Mater wear, and Pokemon Go graphic T's abound!

Your incredible sense of style is insulted.

No worries though. We got you.

Here's a month's worth of Casual Friday outfits, featuring the Bow Tie.

Friday – Week 1:

Solid color crew neck pullover + Denim button down + Trousers + Print Bow Tie = Lovable Nerd

Pullover and Bow Tie

Friday – Week 2:

Fitted vest + White button up with rolled up sleeves + Dark jeans +  Bow tie = Dapper Swag

 Vest and Bow Tie

Friday – Week 3: 

Khakis + Buttoned up V-Neck cardigan + Button up patterned shirt + Bow tie = Clark Kent Cool.

V Neck Cardigan and Bow Tie

Friday – Week 4

Shawl collar sweater + Button up shirt + Jeans + Boots + Bow Tie = Mr. Weekend Ready

Shawl collar sweater and bow tie

Now you can successfully get through any dress down day while maintaining your Style composure.

Go forth and Be Your Own Brand!

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