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4 Simple Tips on Adding Color to your Wardrobe

4 Simple Tips on Adding Color to your Wardrobe


What colors are in your wardrobe?

If you are like me, your closet is full of black, gray, and an occasional burgundy.

But we all know that color is powerful!

Wearing Fiery Red can supercharge our confidence. Royal Blue can soothe our mood. And yet, we continue to fill our closets with the same drab colors.

Let’s up our color game to the next level shall we!  

Update your wardrobe colors by following these 4 simple tips!

  • Choose vibrant, saturated colors to add to your wardrobe.

Look for colors like emerald green, royal blue, vibrant teal, deep purples. Deep, rich color looks “sophisticated and stylish”.

  • Shop for tops, jackets, and accessories in these brilliant colors.

Wearing deep, vibrant colors on your upper body highlights your facial features and brings the focus to your eyes, hair and smile.

  • Avoid pale, less saturated colors at all cost!

Light blues, tans and flesh tones can make you look washed out and sickly.

  • Follow this color formula outlined in the book “Style on a Shoe String” by Andy Paige for a stunning color combination.
    • Wearing a cool tone color top? = colors of water: blue, green, purple, etc

Then wear warm toned accessories = colors of fire: reds, yellows, oranges, etc.

    • Wearing a warm tone color top? Choose cool toned accessories.
 The tips above are only the start of your color wardrobe revamp. 

 Read books like “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson and “Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors" by David Zyla for more information about choosing the colors that will look best on YOU!


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